Will Jäger

Some perspective

Perspective seems to be the most unrecognised aspect of modern life. Perspective is invariably the product of culture, education, religion and other formative influences in an individual’s life. People, more often than not, seem incapable of appreciating that different perspectives give rise to different beliefs and value systems. Far more disturbing though, is the unwillingness or inability to consider the possibility that a different belief or different values are not necessarily wrong, merely because it is not shared by oneself.

I once read a very entertaining story in which heaven and hell were presented as an afterlife custom-made for each individual. One man’s heaven could easily be another man’s hell. Imagine the absolute hell of being condemned to eternity in a vegan society with nothing but 24-hour reality shows on tv, hip-hop on every speaker, daily dental visits, nothing but skinny jeans and no Jägermeister or Yamaha.

Perspective is the catalyst to some people agreeing with my little list, some to have a hearty laugh, some to shake their heads in disbelief, and some to merely disregard it for being boring, trivial or incomprehensible.

The concepts of “right” or “wrong” are particularly subjective. One would expect religions to be the universal, unerring source of moral direction. Yet, although countless atheists believe murder is wrong, certain religions promise you a place in their heaven if you kill those who do not share your beliefs. On a less celestial level, many believe that it is wrong to steal. The majority of senior government officials however, seem to believe that it is a privilege of office.

As works of fiction, the 3G series reflects many subjective opinions and evaluations of social constructs such as “right” or “wrong” and “good” or “bad”. I hope that my books will find more readers who are entertained by the stories than readers who are offended. I especially hope that there will be many more readers who deem the books worth buying than those who do not.

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