Will Jäger

Wytze Moolman, a Dutch national and Bakary Dje, a French soldier on vacation in Paris. When these two men foil a planned terrorist attack, they attract a great deal of attention from French authorities and Interpol. In the wake of the attack, policing agencies are once again frustrated by lacking intelligence, bureaucracy and legal constraints that hamper investigation and prosecution. Moolman, Dje and six other unique individuals combine their skills to locate and deal with criminals who authorities may never be able to deal with.
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After the abduction of an American teenager from Los Angeles and his curious reappearance in Greece, 3G embarks on an ambitious intervention to identify the parties responsible for the kidnapping and blackmail. Tracing the steps of the specialist group conveying people across international borders 3G collaborates with Interpol, Europol and the FBI to expose those involved.
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Information uncovered by 3G leads to the discovery of an international human-trafficking ring and the arrest of a pastor turned senator. The Moolman brothers and their associates are confronted with an assassination and attacks in court and the media that sees their fearless ingenuity tested to its limits. From their home base in the Netherlands to locations within the USA, Mexico, South Africa and Canada, 3G has to deal with attempts to exact revenge, eliminate witnesses and avoid prosecution.
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Will Jäger

Will Jäger was born in South Africa the 1960’s.  At the age of seventeen he finished school and moved to Pretoria where he enrolled to study electronic engineering.

After completing three years of study, Will was conscripted for military service. After basic training he was selected for officers training and by the end of his compulsory military service, lieutenant Jäger had embraced army life.  He decided not to return to civilian life to pursue an engineering career.


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What if there was a method to bypass political correctness and police bureaucracy to prevent and solve a crime more quickly without breaking the law? Wytze Moolman, a Dutch traveler who was on holiday in Paris, was in a coffee shop when he noticed suspicious activity outside. He asked Captain Bakary Dje, a Frenchman he had met the previous evening, for assistance, and the two of them intervened to stop the situation.
Balancing the Scales
If anyone can move from one country to another without detection or the proper channels, what will keep criminals from doing just that and also using this means to move trafficked victims or illegal substances? A child was abducted, and they moved him out of the country and into another without being caught or needing any documents for him.
Finding the Way